VIDERE is an easy to use, glue-free 35mm do-it-yourself pinhole camera kit. Just pop-out the pieces and follow the simple instructions to go from flat-pack kit to working camera within an hour.

Features a tripod thread as standard, glue-free construction, re-loadable 35mm film canister, and precision laser-cut 0.2mm pinhole.


What is pinhole?

Dating back to the 1880s, the simple and ingenious process of pinhole photography involves exposure of film using light filtered through a small hole in a light-proof box.

As light passes through this hole, an image is exposed onto the film loaded inside the camera. Exposure times are typically longer than with a normal lensed camera, due to the aperture being so much smaller. This means that pinhole cameras can typically take anywhere from a few seconds to a couple of hours to expose a photograph.
Because of these long exposures the shutter is usually manually operated. (But don't worry the VIDERE 35mm comes with an easy to use exposure guide.)

It strips complex photographic concepts down to their basic foundation: Light. How much to let in, and for how long!

VIDERE 35mm shoots on accessible 35mm film. It has a brand new, light-proof, click-together 35mm film mechanism with a re-loadable 35mm film canister so you can re-use your VIDERE hundreds of times. Solid, grippy film advance knobs.

In a world of digital technology 35mm film is still available to buy and develop on most high streets and with a little effort you can even develop it yourself at home! The film mechanism is made from hard-wearing yet flexible plastic, and sits perfectly within the body of VIDERE 35mm for perfect pinhole photos every time. Your 35mm film feeds directly into an empty reloadable 35mm canister, meaning that your film never takes the risk of being exposed to unexpected light.


"It’s Angood’s perfectionism for artifice that elevates the VIDERE beyond mere gimmick to a nostalgic reboot, a celebration of vintage cameras, papercraft, and medium format film photography in one. It’s not designed to make photography simple; it’s designed to make photography fun.”

Fast Company Design

"It produces very high quality, two-fingers-up to Instagram, pinhole photographs."

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