What is viddy?

VIDDY is a do-it-yourself pinhole camera kit made from tough, durable recycled card. It accepts both medium format and 35mm film. 

Each and every VIDDY is screenprinted and die-cut by hand in the UK and is available in 4 colours; Green, Black, Blue or Red.



VIDDY comes as a kit and the main pieces you'll need simply pop out so you'll go from flat pack to working camera in around half an hour!

Stickers and split pins are used to build the main body and you just need a small drop of craft glue to construct the film advance knobs. 

There's no sharps, virtually no glue and no mess.


VIDDY is our best kit yet for little hands and we've been successfully testing it in schools with children as young as 11 as part of educational workshops. 

Constructing a camera by hand that can take real photographs, using the simplest method possible, transforms complex concepts into hands-on understanding. 

So far the VIDDY has been used to help teach subjects as wide ranging as science, maths, history, art and engineering. We’re currently developing a range of educational aids for use in schools and colleges alongside the VIDDY and we can’t wait to get them into more schools!

Got our app?

We want to make pinhole photography as easy as possible. That's why we’ve developed The Pop-Up Pinhole app. 

All you need to do is select which one of our cameras you are shooting on, the film speed you are using and which conditions you are shooting in and it’ll tell you the optimum length of time to keep the shutter open for. Simple as that.

Download it now for when your VIDDY lands on the doorstep!