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Who are THE

The Pop-Up Pinhole Co. was founded by London based designer Kelly Angood who has been crafting pinhole cameras since 2010. 

She develops beautiful, educational and fun do-it-yourself pinhole camera kits and manufactures them using independent suppliers and traditional processes. 

early days

Whilst at University in 2010, Kelly designed her first pinhole camera, the ‘pinhole Hasselblad’.  

She took the Hasselblad, something exclusive and unattainable and re-imagined it in everyday, accessible materials. 

Her brief was simple; it had to work as a functioning camera, look fantastic and be affordable to make.  

An internal mechanism was developed so the camera would accept medium format film and operate as a beautiful, functioning, pinhole camera.  

The unique design soon gained popularity online.

People wanted to know where they could buy one, or if they could get hold of the plans to make their own. 

Unfortunately as a personal project it was a one-off and not for sale or easily duplicated in its current state.    

Inspired by the interest in her design and the values of sharing and accessibility, Kelly developed the camera into a downloadable 35mm version that could be made at home for everyone to enjoy.

Once downloaded, the file could be printed out and made into a fully functional pinhole camera using a few everyday household items. 

The file was downloaded over 60,000 times. 

Everyone from pinhole fanatics to papercraft hobbyists were using Kelly’s do-it-yourself camera to take their own pinhole photographs, and they began sharing their results online. 

What had started out as a personal project now had community right at its heart.

This community were active, engaged and keen to explore pinhole photography even further. It was time for them to have a design they could truly call their own. 

The VIDERE began development. 

It was to share the screenprinted and craft aesthetic of the pinhole Hasselblad, but this time be developed into a do-it-yourself kit so anyone could make their own stylish pinhole camera at home. 

The community successfully brought VIDERE to life through a successful Kickstarter campaign in 2013. Over 800 kits were shared with backers from 41 countries across the world.

VIDERE was being used as part of creative projects across the world and the community shared their results and feedback for a second time.

Using this feedback as a springboard for development, a new Pop-Up Pinhole camera began its journey.

VIDDY has been developed as a direct result of community feedback. It's easy to use, simple to load with lots of new user experience features including a film viewing window, shutter indicator and virtually glue-free construction. 

It's also the best kit yet for little hands and it’s been successfully tested in schools with children as young as 11 as part of educational workshops.